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Hello and welcome

It's wonderful to have you here!

Are you struggling with an issue that you haven't been able to resolve on your own? Do you often feel anxious and tense, or find yourself drained of energy and frequently sad? Do you experience chronic pain? Have you lost confidence in yourself or simply feel dissatisfied with your life?

Imagine the moment when your problem will be solved. Together, we will find a path to get there.

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My areas of focus


Are you suffering from recurring or persistent states of intense, inappropriate anxiety?


Are you often feeling sad, depressed, or experience less joy in life compared to before?


Are you constantly feeling exhausted or are you suffering from ongoing stress? Would you like to be able to relax better?


Are you experiencing chronic pain? Would you like to have techniques to reduce your pain and manage it as effectively as possible?

My services


Clinical psychological treatment

Clinical psychological treatment

The goal of clinical psychological treatment is to prevent, alleviate, or cure mental disorders and states of suffering. Additionally, it aims to assist individuals in better coping with existing conditions. The treatment is designed for a medium- to long-term duration.


Clinical psychological counseling

Clinical psychological counseling

In clinical-psychological counseling, information and decision support are provided. The aim is to help identify potential important issues and concerns, narrow them down, and find suitable solutions. Counseling is designed for a short-term period.


Clinical psychological relaxation training

Clinical psychological relaxation training

In this context, information about the origin of stress is provided, and various relaxation techniques are introduced. The method that is individually best suited is taught and practiced over several sessions. The goal is to possess a technique that allows one to relax oneself at any time.

As your Clinical Psychologist in Graz, I employ scientifically proven methods and adhere to confidentiality regulations. I hold an academic degree in the field of Psychology (MSc.) and have received additional training as a Clinical Psychologist. To ensure my qualitative excellence at all times, I regularly attend further education from recognized scientific institutes.

About me

It's entirely normal to reach a point in life where you find yourself unsure of how to proceed on your own. I am here to assist you in pinpointing your issue and discovering ways to navigate it. I support you in recognizing your desired goal state. Together, we can develop strategies and solutions tailored specifically to you.

My name is Bianca Golling, and I am a Clinical Psychologist out of passion.

It brings me joy to utilize my own values - health, love, and personal growth - to help you find a better life as well.


My practice

I'm more than happy to personally assist you in my practice located at Herrengasse 9 in Graz. In a bright and cozy atmosphere, you can discuss all your concerns.

The practice is wheelchair accessible and easily reachable via public transportation (trams: lines 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 to Hauptplatz, and almost all bus lines to Jakominiplatz).

Parking is available in the surrounding streets within short-term parking zones or in nearby parking garages (e.g., Kastner and Öhler Parking Garage, Contipark, or Oper).


You can also access all of my services online via virtual sessions.

Especially if you live
far from Graz, need to stay home for specific reasons (such as childcare), or have physical limitations, this option is available. Online sessions are provided using a secure and user-friendly program.

Do you have another question? Perhaps I've already answered it.

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