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Berglandschaft mit einer Blumenwiese und leicht bewölktem Himmel


​Die Kosten im Überblick

  • Erstgespräch zum Kennenlernen (50 min): 120€

  • Klinisch-psychologische Behandlung/Beratung (50 min): 120€*

  • Klinisch-psychologisches Entspannungstraining (erste Einheit 100 min/jede weitere Einheit 50 min): 210€/120€*

Ich biete jedes Angebot sowohl in meiner Praxis als auch online über Videochat an. 

Sehr gerne betreue ich Sie auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch.

*Information: Um auch weiterhin alle Leistungen in gewohnter Qualität anbieten zu können, findet jedes Jahr am 1.1. eine Preisanpassung statt. Die Kosten werden je Einheit um ca. 10% erhöht.

Ihr Weg zum Termin:

Kontakt aufnehmen

Kontaktieren Sie mich über das Kontaktformular, schicken Sie mir eine E-Mail oder rufen Sie mich an.

Termin vereinbaren

Gemeinsam legen wir einen Termin für Ihr Erstgespräch fest und Sie nennen mir Ihr Anliegen.

Ihr Erstgespräch

Wir lernen uns kennen und besprechen die individuell für Sie am besten geeignete weitere Vorgehensweise.

Mein Angebot

  • Clinical-Psychological Treatment
    The goal of clinical-psychological treatment is to prevent, alleviate, or heal mental disorders and states of suffering. Additionally, it aims to support individuals in better managing existing conditions. During treatment, solutions for problems and states of suffering can be developed. Existing resources are explored and strengthened together. Moreover, strategies are taught to better cope with challenging situations. Clinical-psychological treatment is designed for a longer-term period. Methods from various therapeutic approaches are employed, all based on scientific knowledge. As a Clinical Psychologist, I am bound by professional confidentiality according to the Psychologist Act and I regularly undergo further education to stay up-to-date with the latest scientific developments. The possible concerns addressed in clinical-psychological treatment are diverse. These encompass, among others, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, low self-esteem, relationship or work-related conflicts, crises, difficult life events, burnout, trauma, or eating disorders. My specialties lie in the areas of depression, anxiety disorders, stress, and pain. Treating a general sense of dissatisfaction, often where the actual problem isn't clear, is also within my expertise. PROCESS During the initial consultation, we can get to know each other and discuss your concerns in more detail. I will describe my approach and how further treatment or counseling (in-person or online) might look like. If we decide to work together, we will schedule additional sessions. The frequency of sessions depends on you and your concerns and will be determined individually. At the beginning of the treatment, an extensive assessment is conducted, including your life situation, social environment, past events, medication, and the specific issue at hand. This is done because many areas of your life can affect your mental well-being. Furthermore, I aim to understand you comprehensively as an individual to provide the best possible assistance. Afterward, we will discuss your goals for the treatment, our further steps, and the treatment plan. Depending on your concern and current state, various clinical-psychological strategies and methods will be applied, such as conveying psychological knowledge, precise problem analysis, problem-solving strategies, recognizing and reshaping limiting thought patterns, and many more. Throughout the treatment, we will periodically review any changes, what is working well for you, and which areas need more practice or attention. Together, we will work towards achieving your personal goal. Let's discuss your goal - feel free to contact me!
  • Clinical psychological counseling
    In clinical psychological counseling, information and decision-making assistance are provided. The aim is to help identify potential important issues and concerns, narrow them down, and find appropriate solutions. Counseling is designed for a short-term duration. During counseling, suitable clinical psychological methods and strategies are also introduced to help you better achieve your goals. All these methods are based on scientific findings. As a Clinical Psychologist, I am bound by confidentiality according to the Psychologists Act and must regularly undergo further education to stay up to date with the latest scientific knowledge. You can seek clinical psychological counseling for a variety of different topics. Examples of possible concerns include: wanting to break an unwanted habit (e.g., smoking), seeking general tips for better sleep and less stress in daily life, desiring methods to feel even happier, or struggling with a specific decision. PROCESS During the initial session, we can get to know each other and discuss your concern in more detail. I'll explain my approach and how a further treatment or counseling process (in person or online) could look like. If we decide to work together, we'll schedule additional sessions. The frequency of these sessions depends on you and your concern, and will be determined individually. At the beginning of the counseling process, a thorough assessment is conducted, including aspects such as your life situation, social environment, past events, medication, and specific issues. This is done because many areas of your life can influence your psychological well-being and decision-making. Additionally, I want to comprehensively understand you as a person in order to provide you with the best possible help and information. Afterwards, we'll discuss your specific goals for the counseling and our further course of action. You'll receive psychological expertise related to your concern, which will help you better understand certain contexts. Depending on your specific issue, I will introduce you to clinical psychological strategies and methods, such as better decision-making or habit change. Together, we ensure that you have sufficient information about your concern to make decisions or achieve your goals. If you're unsure whether your concern is a good fit for me, feel free to contact me – I am looking forward to your inquiry.
  • Clinical psychological relaxation training
    During clinical psychological relaxation training, information about stress and relaxation is provided, and various relaxation methods are introduced. The methods I offer include Progressive Muscle Relaxation according to Jacobson, Autogenic Training according to Schultz, and different Imaginative techniques, such as those developed by Reddemann. The method that is best suited for you will be taught and practiced over multiple sessions under the guidance of the Clinical Psychologist. The goal is for you to have a technique that allows you to relax at any time through regular practice. All the techniques presented are scientifically proven to be effective. As a Clinical Psychologist, I am bound by confidentiality according to the Psychologists Act and continually update my knowledge to ensure you benefit from the latest scientific insights. PROCESS During the initial session, we can get to know each other, and you'll receive an overview of how the relaxation training works. In the first relaxation session, I initially gather information about your life circumstances (family and work situations, potential pre-existing conditions, medication, etc.). You will receive comprehensive information about stress, relaxation, and relaxation techniques. Subsequently, you'll be introduced to the technique that suits you best and can start practicing it under my guidance. Since the first session includes both the practical exercise and the intake assessment and introduction, it is twice as long (100 minutes) as the subsequent sessions. In the following five to six sessions, you will relax using the selected method under my guidance. This way, you can experience immediate relaxation during the session and, through practice, gradually improve your ability to relax on your own. Interested in improving your relaxation skills? Contact me!

Wenn Sie sich nicht sicher sind, welches Angebot das richtige für Sie ist, oder Fragen zu meinen Arbeitsbereichen haben, können Sie mich jederzeit kontaktieren. Gemeinsam finden wir heraus, welche Lösung am besten für Sie geeignet ist.

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